2016 NLAC Visit


We have visited NLAC with people in the same industry.

Prospective of NLAC: 

The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) completed the establishment in 1994 and became the first large-scale supply unit for specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory rodents at the international standard. In June 2003, NLAC became an organization under the jurisdiction of the National Applied Research Laboratory. NLAC successfully transformed from a laboratory animal supplier into a multi-functional “national laboratory animal resource center”. In April 2008, NLAC Tainan was opened in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) to expand our service. In 2010, NLAC Taipei had been “fully accredited” by AAALAC International; NLAC Tainan had also been accredited for the first time. With the complete facility, NLAC became the main supplier of quality laboratory animal and service in Taiwan. 

In order to fulfill the role as an all-round national laboratory animal resource center, other than providing quality laboratory rodents, NLAC offers services on quality control, repository and exchange, isolator operation and technical platform development, including conditional transgenic rats, gnotobiotic animal models, congenic inbred mice and 3D image analysis.

NLAC organizes general science education to improve the knowledge of the public on laboratory animals. We also arrange professional trainings and international conferences for laboratory animal users to advance their skills and experiences. By this way, laboratory animal resources in Taiwan are constantly exchanged and simultaneously connected to the world. The established international exchange platform benefits the local biomedical research and biotechnology industry.